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Monday, February 21, 2011

Spin City

Spinning has always been a foreign, sounds-fun sort of thing to me. But yesterday I decided to take the plunge and try it, in an effort to look somewhat like Jennifer Aniston, who is a notorious spinner. Let me tell you, that girl works damn hard for that hot body!

It was a 45 minute class and the only word I can think to describe it would be torturous. Constant changing of speeds, standing up, leaning forward, always changing positions but your legs are doing all the work. At first I think I had the technique wrong because my legs were aching beyond belief - they were doing all the work. I switched my weight so I was putting a lot of it on my arms, which relieved a lot of the pain from my legs until you have to stop holding on. I think it'll take a few classes to get the technique down, but I like the fact that you control you hard you go so you go at your own pace, but its still very challenging.

But let me tell you, spinning is not very friendly to your lady parts. Its really not very comfortable, especially for 45 minutes! My upper, inner legs are really quite sore now.

Today I can barely walk. Pain would be an understatement to what my legs are feeling right now. Walking down the stairs is the worst - and sitting - excruciating actually! But I'm interested in keeping with it to really strengthen my weak leg muscles. Next time maybe it'll be a little easier. Wellll...probably not!

I'll just keep picturing Jennifer Aniston to get me through!

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