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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Flabby belly is a dangerous belly

One of the most common areas people want to lose weight or tone up is the stomach. It seems to be the body part most people complain about and the first they want to lose. Research shows it can also be the most dangerous place to have fat.

Visceral fat is the fat in your tummy behind the subcutaneous fat, which is the outer layer you can grab. Visceral fat surrounds your organs and basically controls your metabolism. Belly fat can lead to such things as heart disease, cancer, stroke, arthritis, type 2 diabetes and even sexual dysfunction.

All the more reason to get that cardio in and be burning fat! They say visceral fat is the easiest fat to lose. Hooray! Research shows that walking just 30 minutes a day can cause you to lose that weight and keep it off. Switching between walking and running, as well changing the incline on which you walk will cause you to burn even more calories!

A leaner belly can mean better sleep, a healthier heart, higher metabolism, better sex! So get on that treadmill or that park path and walk it off!

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