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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skinny Canada!

While I really don't agree with the BMI system, I found this study rather interesting. Its a study published by Global Post of the fattest countries of 2010. Surprisingly, America is not #1. And quite excitingly, though not particularly surprising, Canada did not even place! YAY! We are a polite, healthy nation :)

The percents are the percentage of the population with a BMI over 25, which is considered overweight.

The top 10 fattest countries are as follows:
1. Nauru 95 percent
2. Micronesia 92 percent
3. The Cook Islands 92 percent
4. Tonga 92 percent
5. Niue 84 percent
6. Samoa 83 percent
7. Palau 81 percent
8. United States 79 percent
9. Kiribati 77 percent
10. Dominica 76 percent

Other countries that made the list were Kuwait (75%), Argentina (75%), Mexico (73%), Australia (71%), Egypt (70%), Greece (70%), Belarus (67%) and United Kingdom (66%).

I have to say, I really can't stand the BMI system. It only takes into account your height and weight, which is a rather inaccurate test of whether someone is overweight or not.  Helloooo, muscle weighs more than fat! What about athletes that are almost all muscle? I would bet they rate as "overweight" or even "obese". It makes more sense to go by fat percentage of a person's body.

Nonetheless, Canada still didn't even place! Woohooo Canucks!

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