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Friday, March 18, 2011

The secret to preventing sickness

It may be that time again.....when the viruses are going around and everyone is incessantly washing their hands to avoid getting sick. People load up on oranges to get their Vitamin C, pop echinacea like they're candies, and basically do anything they can think of to resist the virus.

My secret is Oil of Oregano. Its a very concentrated formula that has many health benefits when used correctly. Apparently its good for acne treatment as well!

Anyway, what I recommend is 2-3 drops under the tongue when you first start feeling the onset of symptoms. Like any preventative measure, the sooner the better. I will warn you, it tastes absolutely horrendous, and when it creeps its way down your throat it burns and itches, but it works.

Doing it one or two days in a row has always worked for me. Don't overdo it; do it before bed so it can work its magic while you sleep. Don't forget to always wash your hands and get your vitamins, too!

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