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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plus size? Maybe compared to Barbie

America's Next Top Model is back at it again with another "plus-size" model. In the new season, cycle 16, 26-year-old Kasia Pilewicz is the season's so-called plus size model, and I don't think she could be further from being considered "plus-size." She looks like a size 8! Are you kidding?? Isn't plus-size usually around size 16 and up? This is absolutely ridiculous. What a way to encourage young girls that size doesn't matter. Isn't the fashion industry trying to move away from the stick-thin unhealthy girl? So many shows at last Fall's fashion week showed real women with real bodies and curves, and the world rejoiced, thinking there was actually going to be a change. And there has been lately with editors and designers choosing not to go with girls that are too thin. And now this lame, self-obsessed, judgemental show has the audacity to call this girl plus-size? I can't stand this show; its so ridiculous. Honestly. Sorry Tyra, you and your preteen stick-thin girls have gotta go.

Oh yeah she's definitely huge, right?

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