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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toned swan

I recently saw the film that everyone can't stop talking about, Black Swan. While a little disturbing, I quite enjoyed the film. I've always appreciated ballet and how amazingly toned and muscular ballerinas are, but I now have a newfound respect for all the hard work that goes into ballet. Its unbelievable. There is so much commitment needed to be a full-time dancer and its just so impressive. The bodies of dancers and in particular ballet dancers, are spectacular! All that muscle definition and strength!

The star of the movie, Natalie Portman, did an absolutely wonderful job in this film and finally earned her first lead Academy Award nomination! Its been a long time coming but what better film to carry her there than this? I predict she's going to take the Oscar next month. Black Swan is also nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Cinematography, and Film Editing.

Not to be ignored in this film are the exquisitely detailed and beautiful costumes, all by Rodarte. Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the creators of the popular brand did quite an impressive job with these gorgeous dresses worn in the film. The costumes are amazing and are enough to make any fashionista put on some pointe shoes & give it a whirl!

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