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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just do it

Of all the different fun and exciting ways to get cardio in, I choose the most boring: running. Maybe its because it the easiest and I don't have to learn new moves or go out and buy all these confusing contraptions. Maybe its because I have access to a treadmill and its convenient. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to try something new. Either way, its been working for me (knock on wood!)

Once in awhile I'll switch it up and run outside (depending on the ever-present rain) or go for a bike ride, but mostly I stick to my 30 minutes of sweating it out on the treadmill. I get my music going in my ear and turn some trashy MTV program on just to stare at. I feel so good after I run and I always challenge myself with an incline or upping my time or speed. I bore quite easily, but strangely this just doesn't get boring day after day. Maybe its because I'm always challenging myself, or maybe because I have great music to kick it to.

I also do some crunches, sometimes some push-ups, and other strength training. I'd really like to learn some new types of strength training and stick to it though. There are so many benefits to strength training! That will be my goal for the next month.

Although I said I don't get bored, I still like to change it every week and do something different for one or two days like going for a long, challenging hike by the ocean with my boyfriend or playing a game of tennis or soccer, etc. That way, I have my routine that I'm constantly improving upon, but I'm also trying new things and working different parts of the body!

Let me know, what are your routines? How do you like to work out? We can all try something new!

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