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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sleep better - now!

Having trouble sleeping lately? Here are some tips from Women's Health magazine that have worked great for myself, to get a better night's sleep - more often.

  • Don't stress about it. Accept that some nights you'll sleep better than others. Stressing about it will only keep you up later
  • Take a bath. Not only will a hot bath relax you for bed, but as your body temperature drops afterwards, you should fall into a restful sleep.
  • Make some noise. Sounds known as white noise (like a fan or sound machine) can make it easier to sleep at night, especially if you sleep with a snorer. But putting your iPod on is not a good idea
  • Keep it cool. A colder bedroom will cause your body to function at calmer, more restful speeds. So keep the temperature low and add a few blankets if you need them.
  • No drinking or smoking! Alcohol and nicotine are stimulants that can not only make it difficult to fall asleep, but wake you up during the night as well.
  • Pillows are important. Make sure your pillows are supportive, comfortable and suited to your sleeping positions. Find the best pillow for your sleep style here
  • Cut the coffee! For some its noon, others is 7pm, but after a certain time you need to cut caffeine (that includes coffee, pop, chocolate, tea, etc) to be able to sleep well. Its different for everyone, so you need to figure out which time is your cut off.
  • Don't try to compensate. You can't make up for lost sleep by napping, going to bed super early or sleeping really late. You just need to get back on your regular schedule.

Check out the full list at Women's Health

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