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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Skinny fruits

We all know the nutrients and antioxidants that fruits are loaded with, but some are better than others. Here are some of the best fruits for staying slim.

Sometimes being wrongly accused of being fattening, bananas are actually great for you. They contain resistant starch (if you're unfamiliar with resistant starch, refer to this post) so you'll stay fuller longer and burn more fat! Try to eat them when they're just ripening with a little green left.

Fibre is an essential nutrient to keep you full and prevent you from overeating, and one cup of raspberries has more fibre than 4 slices of whole wheat bread! (Blueberries have even more). So load up on those tasty little berries!

Grapefruits are low in sugar and high in fibre, making them very nutritious, filling and low calorie. Research has even shown they improve insulin resistance, another way to keep you from overeating.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. The benefits of apples have always been ingrained in our brains, but now we know they'll also keep up slim. The fibre in apples will keep you full and slow your digestion, making you less likely to reach for snacks, especially sugary ones. Research has shown that inhaling the smell of green apples when you have a food craving actually tricks your body into thinking you've already eaten, killing the craving! Also, the skin packs a lot of nutrients including fibre, so keep it on!

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